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Hanover Fair: Meet the Pioneers

Our booth this year

BOGE S-4 Series

The confident claim of the S-4 series – “Designed to take the lead” – underpins the S 111-4 anniversary compressor which celebrates 111 years of BOGE and is making its appearance at ComVac in gleaming white: optimal values for energy intake and noise emissions, high efficiency and virtually maintenance-free operation show the high functionality level of today’s BOGE screw compressors. All of the S-4 models – from 55 to 160 kW – rely on our very own premium airend, whose integrated, fully enclosed gears reduce both internal pressure losses as well as energy consumption and noise levels. The increased efficiency pays off.

S-4 – innovative down to the detail

  • BOGE S-4 anniversary edition
  • BOGE S 76-4

This is where Industry 4.0 becomes real

BOGE connect

BOGE connect

BOGE connect will lead your company to a safe future: all system data and machine details are continuously sent to the BOGE connect portal and can then be visually displayed from any smart device.  The key advantage:

BOGE connect independently detects inefficient systems, helps identify optimisation potential and simplifies service.

Efficiency can be controlled

airtelligence provis 3

airtelligence provis 3

Is your compressed air system control reaching its limits? A case for the airtelligence provis 3: this intelligent, higher-level interlocking control can handle any number of compressors and also controls all of your peripheral equipment as well as …

… any connected compressed air networks. Best of all: even older compressors can be easily integrated. The control supports OPC-UA platform-independent architecture, enables an energy audit with performance test, statement of costs and reporting, and thus optimises the efficiency of your entire compressed air system.

BOGE C-2 Series

Compact competence


A major plus when it comes to efficiency and flexibility, perfect ergonomics, audibly lower noise emissions and much easier maintenance – our compact screw compressors from the C-2 series fulfil every customer’s wish list: Whether …

… 2.2 or 22 kW, on a receiver or a standalone machine, belt or direct drive, frequency-controlled or with integrated refrigerant dryer – all of the C-2 models feature a uniform, sound-insulated casing design and can be individually configured for a turnkey compressed air station.

BOGE Low Pressure Turbo

Turbo power for the low pressure range


BOGE has proven that high speeds are also suitable for stable low pressures with its LPT 150 low pressure turbo compressor: this offers much greater efficiency than a screw compressor and considerably reduces operating costs. All thanks to the …

… low maintenance and low wearing turbo technology, whose permanent magnet motors ensure maximum efficiency with their high energy density and deliver stable, completely oil-free compressed air between 2 and 4 barg.

BOGE scroll compressors

EO – oil-free and whisper-quiet

BOGE EO-Baureihe

BOGE scroll compressors trump when 100% oil-free compressed air is required: they require no oil lubrication whatsoever because the aluminium screws in the compression chamber do not rub against each other. For many laboratory users or …

… hospitals, another design-related advantage is just as significant: the whisper-quiet and astonishingly low-vibration running of these ultra-compact compressors.

BOGE PO Series

Tailor-made pistons

BOGE PO-Baureihe

BOGE’s oil-free piston compressors are always a talking point – be it to guarantee snowy pistes, or with the announcement that the range has just been expanded to 36 models. They all offer the same low-vibration running, low wear operation and …

… an extremely compact design, which makes even dentists and laboratories sit up and take note. There are PO models with 460V/60Hz or 230V/single phase (for standard sockets), with 1 or 2 cylinders based on the V-principle, on a receiver, with a dryer, with sound insulation or even as a duplex system.


Boosters to minimise costs


BOGE Boosters are perfect for industrial applications because they are suitable for both intermittent and 100% continuous operation with constant load. These oil-lubricated inlet pressure piston compressors are especially designed for particularly high final pressures.

They draw in pre-compressed and pre-treated compressed air – from an existing network or a low pressure compressor – before compressing it to the required higher final pressure of up to 40 bar.

BOGE Converter bluekat

Oil-free class 0

BOGE Converter bluekat

Whether PET or respiratory air – wherever absolute safety is required for oil-free compressed air, all roads lead to BOGE’s bluekat converters. Their catalytic converter actively converts the oils and hydrocarbons contained in the compressed air to water and CO2 and …

… even takes microorganisms and bacteria by the scruff of the neck. Ideally suited, for example, to paintshop applications or the food, pharmaceuticals and electrical industries. The catalytic converter also works independently of the temperature and moisture of the compressed air to be treated.

BOGE VR Glasses

Revolutionary diagnostics tool

Find out how virtual reality is revolutionising service: simply put on the VR glasses, take hold of the controller and step inside a screw compressor! The controller allows you to mark, remove and discard any component you want.

BOGE plant engineering

Experience counts

From determining requirements and conceptual design to installation and commissioning – we look after every aspect of your tailor-made compressed air systems, from start to finish. For decades we have been manufacturing sophisticated system solutions on every scale – including control.


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