Singapore power distribution systems producer benefits from BOGE C-series air compressor solutions

Compressed air is critical for most industrial pro­cesses. When the compressor system breaks down, this can have serious consequences, such as production delays, which in turn results in financial and productivity losses to the plant. To reduce such risks, a backup compressor can step in to help maintain the air capacity needed to keep the process operational while attending to issues with the current system.  On the other hand, while compressor rentals allow manufacturing plants to access temporary compressed air to keep production running, the cost of renting air compressors or select­ing the wrong rental may turn out to be more expensive.  


This was the dilemma facing a leading producer of power distribution systems in Singapore. The company needed to replace their current air compressors with a reliable system that would keep their operations and critical processes running smoothly and without disruption, especially since there was no space to hold a backup unit at the plant.  Another important consideration was reducing the noise level of the compressor since there was no separate compressor room, and the compressor would have to be installed next to the production line. 


In Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires all pressure vessels to be inspected by an authorised third party examiner.  For the company, this means additional cost and longer delivery time for the compressors to be installed locally.


After reviewing several options, some of which included poor sales response and long delivery time, they approached BOGE Singapore, recognised in this region for their reliable air compressor system solutions and after-market product support.


To assure the company to invest in a reliable air compressor to meet their requirements, BOGE Singapore invited them to visit an existing user of the BOGE C20 compressor to get a first-hand feel for the equipment and experience the low noise levels.


In view of the space constraints at the plant, the BOGE C-series integrated compact module was recommended as the solution because the compressors already come with Airends, built with Oil/Air Separator tanks as part of the Airend Housing. The advantage:  the C series compressor eliminates the need for a third party examiner and registration with MOM for pressure vessel testing. The added advantage: BOGE Singapore has ready stock of the IE3 Motor driven screw compressors of the C & S Series up to 75kw, making it possible to expedite the delivery of the compressor to the company.


“Because the BOGE C-series offers less noise, more efficiency, better configuration possibilities, and requires only minimum space, this was the perfect solution for the company,” says Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.


BOGE Singapore is pleased to report that our new customer is very satisfied with the reliability, efficiency and low noise levels of the BOGE C20 screw compressor.  More importantly, they are able to save on additional costs from not having to conduct the biannual inspection and registration, as required by MOM Singapore.


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BOGE C Series
The BOGE C-series integrated compact module offers quiet efficiency and maximum reliability.