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    Fonti di Vinadio Spa


    Compressed air for production of PET bottles


Nine BOGE compressors supply the Fonti di Vinadio Spa

The challenge
Ten production lines with an hourly capacity of 310,000 bottles operate in the Fonti di Vinadio Spa mineral water production plant in Italy. This requires large quantities of compressed air.

The BOGE solution
Nine screw compressors from the SO range ensure that the supply of compressed air always meets the demand.

The result
7.5 million bottles per day can be produced in this ultra-modern plant – using state-of-the-art technology, for compressed air generation too!

    Project report

    The history of Sant’ Anna mineral water is an Italian success story. The high-quality water from the heart of the Piedmont Alps is valued for its purity and superior mineral content – and is therefore particularly suitable for newborn babies. Without exception, Fonti di Vinadio Spa, headed by President and CEO Alberto Bertone, also demands the highest quality standards of its production equipment, some of which is driven by BOGE oil-free screw compressors.

    The scale of the Vinadio plant is impressive: the property covers an area of more than 60,000 m², and a network of ultra-clean pipes with a total length of 400 kilometres transports the water from its source to the 10 fi lling lines. The water is collected in 11 steel tanks with a gigantic capacity of one million litres.


    The production, fi lling and transporting of the bottles is fully automated. And nothing runs without compressed air: for this reason, nine powerful SO screw compressors are used to make sure that the demand is met. At Fonti di Vinadio Spa, 90 percent of the compressed air supplied by BOGE is used in the production of PET bottles. The remaining air is used in other material handling applications.


    With sensitive foodstuffs such as mineral water, the highest quality standards are a matter of course. The entire Vinadio plant is certifi ed in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Naturally, the compressed air used in the processes must be absolutely oil-free, which makes BOGE’s reliable and effi cient SO range of compressors the ideal choice. This decision continues to work well for Fonti di Vinadio Spa: 7.5 million bottles leave the production plant each day, keeping the success story going, step by step.


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Project report Fonti di Vinadio Spa

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