Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air is used in a highly diverse range of industries and in a multitude of different ways. Requirements pertaining to its quality and purity vary according to the area of use. Entirely different standards apply for the textile industry than for applications in the food or medical industries, which require 100% oil-free compressed air.

Compressed air – made to measure

In light of the above, it’s essential that compressed air treatment methods are optimally adapted to their respective area of use. BOGE system components such as compressed air filters and dryers ensure that BOGE compressed air meets the prescribed quality standards of the industry in which it’s used – with optimal efficiency values.


The diverse tasks performed by compressed air containers place different requirements on their material components and the way they are processed.


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Cyclone separators

Z -2

The cyclone separators remove large amounts of condensate from the compressed air – with high and virtually constant separation efficiency.


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Compressed air dryers are essential for the production and economical treatment of compressed air for a range of applications.


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Adsorption dryers

BOGE breathing air systems remove irritants from compressed air, preparing it for use as a dependable supply of breathing air.


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With extremely low differential pressure and innovative build, BOGE filters ensure compressed air of the desired purity class.


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Activated carbon adsorbers

Activated carbon adsorbers remove oil vapours in a highly controlled way and help ensure an especially high quality of compressed air.


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BOGE Oil Water Separator

The ’Condensate Cleaner‘ condensate treatment system gives compressor operators an easy way of treating compressed air without external assistance.


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BOGE bluekat converter

The BOGE converter converts oil and hydrocarbons into water and CO² and is therefore able to provide a constant compressed air supply of purity class 0.


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Following stoppages, BOGE PressureSafe guarantees that compressors begin working quickly against the defined network pressure and do not overrun compressed air treatment processes.


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High-pressure filters

With their extremely low differential pressure, BOGE high-pressure filters ensure compressed air of the desired purity class in the high-pressure range.


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Sterile filters

Sterile filters guarantee 100% germ-free compressed air for sensitive areas of application, such as in the packaging or food industries.


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