Older compressor stations often operate inefficiently due to a lack of master controls. The result? Frequent downtime, during which electrical energy is consumed without the desired compressed air being produced. At BOGE, we were among the first to recognise this problem – and solve it.

Highly efficient compressor controls

Master controls for multiple compressor stations make compressed air production significantly more efficient – especially in cases where compressed air consumption fluctuates or where speed-regulated compressors are integrated into the network.

airtelligence trinity

  • Controls up to 3 compressors
  • Ensures that each compressor is subject to an equal load
  • LC display

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airtelligence plus

  •  Controls up to 6 compressors
  • 4-inch LCD colour display
  • Base load switching can be set to occur at intervals

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airtelligence provis 2.0

  • Controls up to 16 compressors and up to 24 accessory components

  • 9-inch TFT colour display with touch function

  • Consumption-oriented master controls for the new generation

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  • Remote diagnostics tool

  • Accessed via an app

  • Real-time communication

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Intelligent machine control systems

Our intelligent control systems optimise the energy consumption and capacity utilisation of our compressors. We have the right compressor control system for every need.

base control

  • Symbol display
  • Automatic frost protection mode
  • Leak monitor


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focus control 2.0

  • 5" LCD display
  • RFID access control
  • Base-load switching for up to 4 compressors


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  • For oil-free compressors
  • LCD display with text display
  • Graphical display of volume flow and pressure


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