At BOGE, IQ stands for ‘Innovative Quality’ and by this we mean combining tried-and tested premium quality with innovative solutions. We perfect each detail for as long as it takes for us to feel sure of its fitness for the future. Why not try our machines and see the results of our efforts for yourself.

BOGE Outlook

BOGE Kompressor durch ein blaues Tuch verhuellt

Whether it is tomorrow’s compressed air solutions, revolutionary service concepts or the intelligent networking of compressed air systems: The digital future is already a reality at BOGE today.

BOGE selectcair

Since the introduction of the radically new BOGE HST series, it has ultimately become clear that service had to be redefined in the age of Industry 4.0.

The future belongs to modular machine concepts, in which “service“ will primarily consist of software updates and upgrade measures. The new selectcair service offered by BOGE is therefore consistently focused upon “continuous improvement” – the optimisation of compressors across their entire life cycle.

BOGE P1 and P2L

The latest piston compressors of the P-series are manufactured with high precision and minimal tolerances, guaranteeing a long life expectancy, even in continuous operation.

The fully modular design, which also allows free-standing units such as a duplex system, a 400V/50Hz version or a single phase 230V compressor, means that it can be tailored exactly to your needs. Any piston compressor can be upgraded to a state-of-the-art and thus highly future-proof customised system.

BOGE DS-2 refrigerant dryers


In the new BOGE DS-2 refrigerant dryers, top-class efficiency meets outstanding CO2 emissions ratings. The fully integrated high-performance heat exchanger achieves superb energy efficiency – combined with significantly lower refrigerant usage. All DS-2 models are designed to run on both 50 and 60 Hz (230 V) power supplies and, as such, can be used throughout the world.


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BOGE S-4 – the future of screw compressors

The latest generation of screw compressors now advances to also drive forward industrial progress in coming years.


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The structure has been completely redesigned here, with clear separation of the functional areas and numerous detailed solutions, of equal benefit in terms of durability, ease of maintenance and efficiency.


At the heart of all new and future S-4 models is the fully enclosed effilence "IntegrateDrive" airend, which was developed in-house. This began with the models offering 111, 132 and 160 kW – either as a basic compressor with integrated gears, directly coupled or directly coupled with frequency control.

EO 6 D scroll compressor

With a refrigerant dryer fully integrated in the housing, this compact compressor operates extremely quietly and with minimal vibrations. It is therefore particularly suitable in areas where space is tight and for use close to workstations.


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AIRficient piping system

BOGE AIRficient: An innovative piping system made of aluminium that significantly improves the quality of compressed air - can be laid quickly, is immune to corrosion and UV rays, and, becaus it is oil-resistant, is ideal for aggressive environments.

C 16 F - frequency-controlled screw compressor

The oil-lubricated C 16 F has taken the pressure to save energy to heart. Its IE3 motor can manage on minimum power consumption, and idling times have become a thing of the past thanks to frequency control. The C 16 F is also designed to be extremely quiet.

CDR screw compressors - the flexible complete solution

All individual elements - from the receiver to the optional refrigerant dryer and condensate cleaner - are fully assembled and come as a compact unit ready for connection. And the super-silenced sound insulation ensures whisper-quiet operation.

The C(D)R series is especially useful whenever space is at a premium. Thanks to its small footprint it can be installed directly at the workplace.

EO series with scroll compressor

If any product has taken the key requirements of the food industry or laboratory operators to heart, then it is the EO series with the scroll compressor:

It generates high pressures as needed - and always 100% oil-free. And yet you’ll hardly notice it working, it is so quiet.

High Speed Turbo series (HST)


A quantum leap in oil-free compressed air production: Our innovative High Speed Turbo Compressors set new benchmarks - on all levels.


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Our high speed turbo technology represents a quantum leap in air compressors. The BOGE HST is a technical pioneer in the high speed turbo compressor segment. Through a radical reduction in the usual number of parts, units are half the size and a third the weight of conventional oil-free screw compressors. The ingenious drive design – consisting of a permanent magnet motor and an air-bearing drive shaft – has achieved standards of efficiency that were previously considered unattainable.