Maintenance and Warranty Packages

Outsourcing the regular inspection and maintenance of your compressed air system gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business activities. Because we know how important this is, BOGE offers specially-developed service packages to cater to your specific requirements. A basic rule for the commissioning of maintenance work by BOGE technical employees is as follows: The more comprehensive the service agreement, the better your levels of security and the less you’ll have to deal with as a system operator. There are a variety of service packages to choose from.

BOGE selectcair

BOGE High Speed Turbo marks a fundamental change, and this is not without consequences for the Aftermarket programme. With BOGE selectcair turbo compressor users can call on a comprehensive network of services that aims for continuous improvement.

BOGE selectcair offers the three programme options BASIC, ORIGINAL and PREMIUM. This allows all turbo compressor users to select the services that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

BOGE bestcair – with five-year quarantee

Image Of BOGE Compressors Best Care Standard

This package is a warranty programme offering a five-year guarantee on all replacement parts. Our comprehensive parts warranty means that all necessary replacements are made immediately and free of charge for the entire duration of the package.

With BOGE bestcair, you benefit from a skilled, affordable service provided by BOGE technicians as well as from the exclusive use of BOGE spare parts (such as lubricants) and the use of our modern service and diagnostic tools. Further information can be obtained via email at or through one of our sales advisors.

A customised service to keep Your compressed air safe

Book one of our four specialised service packages to cater to your specific needs. The most comprehensive packages include complete compressed air management by qualified technical staff and an accompanying ten-year warranty.




BOGE Inspection

This package offers safety and reliability. Our technical personnel will carry out an inspection every three months (travel and labour time included). You get a periodically updated overview of the status of your compressed air system. Should maintenance or repairs be necessary, they will be carried out on-the-spot or during a specially-made appointment and invoiced separately.


BOGE Maintenance

This package offers an affordable way to have our technical personnel place your equipment into operation. Every 3,000 operating hours – and at least once a year – we will also carry out maintenance work on your compressed air system. You can opt to have small repairs done immediately on-site.


Premium Maintenance

This package covers all maintenance work including all spare parts and a subsequent maintenance report. Disposal of operating fluids and old parts is included. A discount is guaranteed on replacement parts. In maintaining your system, we make exclusive use of BOGE cairpacs - original parts and warranty packages. You’ll receive immediate on-site emergency assistance from a BOGE technician without incurring separate charges. In addition, our premium maintenance offers the benefit of 24 months’ warranty on your BOGE compressed air system. If required - and for a one-time surcharge - you can also opt to have us take over the transparent remote monitoring of your system with BOGE airstatus.


Full Service

Our full service package comprehensively covers all work on your compressed air system – replacement parts, maintenance items, and the start-up of your system included. We guarantee to attend to all requests for maintenance within a 24-hour period. As an optional extra, you can choose to have your system fitted with BOGE airstatus, a remote monitoring tool that alerts you to faults;  gives you access to real-time data queries and web visualisation; and acts as a secure data store. It also affords you the opportunity to view this data from anywhere in the world via the BOGE app on your smartphone or tablet PC.