Scroll compressor EO...TR up to 11 kW

Whisper quiet, oil free and efficient

      The closer a compressor gets to the workplace, the more crucial the sound pressure level becomes. The design of the scroll compressor comes into its own here, with whisper-quiet operation and ultra-low vibration levels.
    • OIL FREE
      Scroll compressors can manage without oil lubrication because the aluminium screws in the compression chamber do not rub against each other. The advantage of this design: the guarantee of 100% high-quality, oil-free compressed air.
      focus control 2.0 is included as standard. It regulates up to four scroll units in the housing as well as up to four BOGE EO compressors horizontally with base load switching. Monitored by a multi-colour LCD display.
      The smart configuration of components in BOGE EO compressors results in a very small footprint. This means they can be positioned next to the workplace – even as a system solution with integrated dryer.
    EO 6 TR

    Super-compact, quiet and a low vibration level – the BOGE EO series enhances the oil-free segment and literally fills any gap. It is particularly recommended for sensitive applications in which oil-free air and unobtrusive operation are essential. Smart control allows scroll airends to be switched on or off as required. Efficiency is further improved with a two-stage aftercooler. Also as a duplex system, mounted on a receiver.


    Oil-free scroll compressor with a modular design, designed as a duplex system on a receiver

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Nalin Amunugama gab seine Selbstständigkeit auf, um sich als General Manager für BOGE auf den südostasiatischen Märkten stark zu machen.

Photo Of BOGE Compressors Amunugama General Manager For BOGE Asia Pacific

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Peggy Teo hat sich mit Unterstützung von BOGE zur SAP-Expertin im Bereich Auftragsabwicklung und Rechungswesen entwickelt.

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