Piston compressor PO Snow up to 5.5 kW

Created to reliably produce oil-free compressed air at high altitudes and low temperatures

    • 100% OIL-FREE
      The beauty of perfectly white snow! To prevent anything spoiling this, these compressors feature specially coated pistons and piston rings, as well as hermetically sealed bearings and cylinder liners that were developed in-house.
      The vertical aftercooler drains off any condensate, so preventing pipes from freezing up, and the safety valve can cope with ambient temperatures as low as -25° C. To ensure high delivery rates the maximum pressure is limited to 6 bar.
      BOGE piston compressors are designed for both intermittent and continuous operation. On the piston units of PO Snow the stroke has been additionally increased and the dead space reduced to significantly improve the delivery rate.
      The high-quality components and compact design are perfect for mobile snow production. As maintenance is limited to occasionally changing filters, these models can run for up to 6,000 hours without needing any service.

    The models PO 6 L Snow and PO 8 L Snow have been systematically designed for continuous operation at temperatures as low as -25°C – featuring numerous functions such as their compact-size motors as well as the drive, pipes, aftercooler and valves. In fact everything needed so tourism centres for example can offer an absolute guarantee of snow whatever the weather!


    Piston compressor: oil-free, compact and robust


    • compact, robust design
    • completely oil-less
    • Cylinder configuration based on V-principle
    • long maintenance intervals
    • low ambient temperatures down to -25°C
    • vertical aftercooler
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume*
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm kW hp mm kg
    PO 6 L Snow 6 87 0.600 21.0 4 5.5 535 x 605 x 520 78
    PO 8 L Snow 6 87 0.800 28.0 5.5 7.5 555 x 616 x 520 84

    * Effective free air delivery as per ISO 1217:2009 Appendix C, measured at 80% maximum pressure.